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12:30 p.m.          Fox and Bones
2:00 p.m.            City of Pines
3:30 p.m.            Desolation Horse
5:00 p.m.            monopines
6:30 p.m.            Camp Crush
8:00 p.m.            The Brevet



Desolation Horse is the current main musical outlet for Moscow local Cooper Trail. Originally from Moscow, Cooper spent six years following high school as a touring musician based out of Astoria, OR and Enterprise, OR, performing (usually as a drummer) with Oregon bands and artists like Bart Budwig, MAITA, Mise (his personal project prior to Desolation Horse), and working as a studio musician. Desolation Horse released a debut self-titled album a few months before the COVID lockdown. Later that year, Cooper decided to return to Idaho to attend the University of Idaho. Since then, he has recorded a second album, “Is Land,” which is due out summer 2022. At Moscow Mountain Music Fest, his band will consist of Moscow locals Bill Tracy and Joe Marsh of Mother Yeti, and Meredith Brann, who are all three fantastic songwriters and carry on their own projects as well.

"A music project built by an outdoorsmen, for those who love the freedom of the hills and wide open places. Founded, by Nick Clack, in the shadow of the Cascade Range, where the mountains meet the sea. This Pacific Northwest artist, crafts music that exudes the foggy moodiness of the land, rain soaked soft greens, towering timber and dramatic emotional winds. The lyrics ring of adventure, loss, life and the human condition."

~JP Moynahan, Author of The Traveler’s Wake

“The goal has always been to create something that’s honest and tells a story; something that everyone can identify with. Music that resonates and stays true to our shared experiences.”

~Nick Clack


Fox and Bones (Sarah Vitort and Scott Gilmore) formed in 2016 and were in the studio recording their debut record, The Remarkable Adventures Of, mere weeks after meeting. These early offerings were honest and raw, a blend of gentle folk with subtle instrumental backing. This lead to several European and US tours before a second studio album emerged in 2018. This sophomore collection, Better Land, showed an influx of modern folk-pop trappings as the influences of producer Dominik Schmidt and engineer Matt Greco began to blend with the tour-worn stylings that were born from life on the road.

This brings us to the charm, their 2021 record American Alchemy. This collection of songs finds Fox and Bones fully formed with elements of folk, pop, americana and soul fused lyricism joined together into an amalgamation of modern vintage goodness. With the guidance of producer/engineer Matt Greco, American Alchemy is the final iteration that the duo has been striving towards since they first charmed their way into each other’s lives so many years ago.

monopines was started as a solo recording project in 2020 by Idaho musician and writer Corey Oglesby. After releasing a self-produced full-length debut, Era Adieu, on Available Light Recordings in May 2021, Oglesby welcomed the addition of Bill Tracy (Mother Yeti), Cooper Trail (Desolation Horse, MAITA, Mise), and Nishit Nandankar (Hallowed Oak) to the monopines family. With influences ranging from Silver Jews to Deerhunter to Fugazi, the fluid monopines sound is most directly marked by Oglesby's origins in the Washington, D.C., post-punk scene and his background as a poet.


“Helmed by married duo Jennifer Deale and Chris Spicer, Camp Crush is a project with a polished sound that’s heavy on silky synths, skyscraper melodies, and a grand sense of drama… an impressive throwback to lush ’80s pop.” - Portland Mercury

Seeing Camp Crush live is like watching two people fall in love in front of you. And it’s true - the band was born when now-married Jen Deale and Chris Spicer discovered they were at the same summer camp together as children, and years later found each other in Portland, OR. With a late 80s mood-pop influence and driving indie rock rhythms, the duo has discovered new territory; a nuanced middle ground between Madonna and The Killers, Blondie and Arcade Fire, “blending old school and indie rock into something wonderful” according to Pop Dust.


Camp Crush's soaring vocals combined with blistering synths, epic balladry, punching drums, and substantive lyrics all make for a near cinematic musical experience that is unforgettable.

Nestled in between Los Angeles and San Diego lies Orange County, CA: a culturally, economically, and environmentally diverse community with an identity all of its own. The Brevet, hailing from the heart of Orange County, continues to create an ever-evolving sound that pushes stylistic boundaries. Just as Orange County is home to snow capped mountains, pristine beaches, and bustling city centers, The Brevet’s alternative rock sound draws authentically from folk, surf, and R&B influence, but doesn’t shy away from thundering rhythms, blistering guitars and progressive synths.